We make renting, and managing rentals EASY


Village Realty has provided real estate sales and property management services in Winter Haven since 1974.

Our goal is to provide affordable property managment in Winter Haven for property owners and provide clean and safe housing for our tenants.

The properties we offer for rent in Winter Haven are clean, have been painted, and comply with local building codes.

Our owner/clients receive computer-generated monthly statements which reflect all expenes and income in an easy to read format. Our computer software was created for the property managment industry by a leading property management sofeware engineer headquartered in Vinnia, Virginia.

Our office prepairs and delivers late notices as needed.  When required Village Realty, files evictions on behalf of our property owners.

We receive a leasing fee for renting your property and a percentage of income collected for our property management service.

Village Realty is available and happy to provde additional services as needed.  We are able to work on an hourly basis for:

*   meeting with appraisers for access

*   obtaining estimates for repair

*   meeting with insurance adjusters

*   providing photos for insurance or appraisals

*   meeting with sheriff to evict tenants

*   delivering papers for late notices and or evictions

*   time in court for evictions

*   inspection or supervision of repairs by vendors other than our Handyman

*   pick up and deliver of materials for property owner's vendors


Village Realty also provides scheduled inspection services of vacant properties for out of town owners, banks, attorneys and trustees.